A letter to the Philippine Daily Inquirer

that was published in one of its editions

Dear sirs and madams at the Inquirer:

I was deeply offended at Columnist Conrado de Quiros's
call for the use of telephone poles for executing US
President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney
and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld by
hanging ('Puno't Dulo', Philippine Daily Inquirer,

The telephone pole is an icon of the American
landscape. It practically represents America itself.
To have all telephone poles defiled by their use as a
tool in the execution of such an infamous set of
characters is highly objectionable to say the least.
Every man woman and child would remember the event
when cruising on an expressway or a country road. I
would like Mr. Quiros to take into consideration
American sensibilities when writing his columns.
Otherwise, I see very little in his column to disagree
with, and much that is reflective of the spirit of the
American people, who are at this critical time in
human history forced to deal with a leadership that is
totally at odds with their traditional ideals and

Kindest regards,

Peter Duveen