Letter criticizes Infowars 
anti-immigrant position

PETER'S NEW YORK, June 10, 2009--Our website was sent a letter of appreciation recently for defending immigration, legal or otherwise. It is our opinion that no country ought to exercise its authority to block people from settling within its borders, and that government's only legitimate role is to facilitate such immigration consistent with the maintenance of order. It is a human right to travel freely, and to live where one wants.

While radio personality Alex Jones (www.infowars.com) is praised by many in the activist community who are daily engaged in the fight against organized and endemic government abuse and lawlessness, Jones's extension of this activism to malign people from other countries attempting to exercise their human right to settle in the United States has been challenged by, among others, Jones's own radio show guests, such as former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.

Jones often cites a plan by the "New World Order" to disrupt American society by encouraging illegal immigration. However true this may be, it does not nullify the human right to earn a living and live where one chooses. It is not justification for demonizing the people of Mexico or any other country. Many of the privileges enjoyed, according to Jones, by illegal immigrants, such as relative freedom from harassment by law enforcement, are the ones that all Americans should possess.

We hope that Alex Jones, whose efforts we, on the whole, applaud and actively support, and whose radio show is must-listen to everyone concerned about the state of this country, continues his good work while revisiting his attitude toward immigrants. While Jones often characterizes Mexicans by such actions as "taking a dump" in the toilet tanks of public restrooms, it would be hard to believe that this is a common practice among all but the tiny minority of Mexicans in this country, or that the rate of crime among illegal Mexican immigrants is much different from that of the overall American population.

What follows is the text of the letter referred to above, published with permission of the author, whose full name has been withheld at their request. 

"Hi, I just discovered your website through my professor and was reading your article about Alex Jones and his views on immigration. and I totally agree with you. I went to Infowars.com and found the website interesting and agreed with most of it, but when I read about how Mexicans are the scum of the earth, I was shocked and I was heartbroken, to think that someone like Jones who believes in rights and was against control, would be writing about illegal immigrants ruining this country, yet for some reason no one ever mentions that the corporations and our government are the ones to blame for creating corrupt governments in Central and South America.

"My family is from Guatemala, and if you are not familiar with Guatemala, there was a civil war in the '70s and our government aided the rebels who ended up taking over and f**king up the country and they did the same in Chile. So it frustrates me when I read these racist remarks on Infowars, when I assume that the people there are intelligent and would do their homework and realize that drug dealers are not the only people crossing the borderand make up a small percentage; plus our government needs drug dealers they depend on it and also would realize we have a HUGE number of illegal CANADIANS, but no one ever mentions them, because they are white! and no one seems to realize that issues of illegal immigrants have been part of this country since the beginning, they did it with Eastern Europeans and Asians and now it's Latinos aka Mexicans, because apparently every one who is brown is supposedly Mexican, very irritating, anyway so I wrote because I wanted to thank you for not agreeing with him and stating your opinion on Infowars, because a lot of those people on there are totally racist and only one in a hundred actually realizes that the people are not to blame, but rather our government. So thanks."