The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton

United States Senator from the State of New York

Senator Charles Schumer

United States Senator from the State of New York

Washington, D.C. 

March 15, 2007

Dear Senators Schumer and Clinton:

Yesterday, Staff Sgt. Ray Girouard of the United States armed forces was found guilty of negligent homicide in the killing of three Iraqi detainees. Earlier, one man was sentenced to 18 years in connection with the killings, and another, to 18 years and nine months.

Girouard said he invented a story of having given orders for the detainees to walk away, and that the other men under his command were ordered to shoot the Iraqis as they "fled." But later GIrouard testified that he concocted this story to protect his men. This is all according to the Associated Press, which, as we know, has turned itself into little more than a government press organ.

But we can see how tragic the deaths of the Iraqi citizens are in this case. Even more tragic is that we put our American citizens in the position of committing such heinous acts.

Bushites (I won't call them conservatives, because they are really not) will always say that these Iraqis were dangerous criminals. But that cannot be substantiated without a fair trial. The three Iraqis, and their families, will never be able to have that luxury. Now, three others' lives are damaged as well, because they participated in a murder. But the circumstances of that murder are the responsibility of the American people. That is the tragedy. Our leadership did not just fail but was outright bent on death and destruction, using patriotism to mobilize the men and women of our armed forces who became little more than the pawns of their diabolical designs. These lives are damaged, even though physically they will return to a life in America. How much more is the soul of this country damaged!

The huge cost of this war is hardly being felt yet. That is because reparations to the damaged parties have not even been discussed. These parties include the entire nation of Iraq, including all those who suffered the deaths of loved ones, or who themselves were killed or maimed. The destruction of the physical infrastructure of Iraq and the loss of productive capacity must be taken into account. Finally, the damage to cultural institutions and the cultural fabric of the country, including the sowing of strife among different religious factions that did not exist beforehand, must be tallied. These costs are not only the responsibility of the United States, but also of every country that in any way supported the pillage of Iraq.

Now is the time for Americans to take stock of what their leadership has wrought. Now is the time to look into the diabolical roots of what our foreign policy has become, and begin to dislodge and disperse this foreign policy establishment, which is at the core of what has happened to this country.

The top leadership must be IMPEACHED, TRIED, SENTENCED! But this is only the beginning. The entire nation must repent before the world, and must begin to make reparations. US and NATO troops must withdraw from Afghanistan, and reparations must be made there as well. An entirely new foreign policy must be crafted that takes into consideration the well being of all nations, and not just that of the United States at the expense of others.

Those at the top must be punished severely, to send a message to future leaders of what their fate will be if they try the same thing again. We can never put our dedicated armed forces to such a horrible use again. We must apologize to the world, begin gradual and concerted disarmament, particularly of nuclear weaponry, and realize that we are only a small part of a large world in which we must show that we are purveyors of peace and prosperity, not war, destruction and conquest.

Kindest regards,

Peter Duveen


Published 3/19/2007