What it means when Bush says "We can win this war"

The American people do not want to "win this war" because they do not agree with its goals, not because it can't be done.

Bush is continually pressing for more time to "win" the war. By war, he means the invasion and occupation of Iraq. And what was the purpose of the war? He originally said that it was because Saddam H. had weapons of mass destruction with which they were going to threaten the United States. This proved to be false. So at that time, verifying that there were no such weapons, Bush should have withdrawn American troops and allowed the Iraq government to return to business. Bush did not do this, because he then said he wanted to establish a democracy in Iraq. But that was not the original purpose of the war. It was an entirely different scheme.

However, it appears that the real reason for the Iraq war was to establish a permanent and direct American presence in the Middle East, as the beginning of a conquest of the other countries in the area, most likely to control the oil resources of the region.

The lynchpin of this effort is to establish bases throughout Iraq. The US is also building its largest embassy in Iraq. Who cannot see this as anything but the establishment of a kind of American capital in the Middle East? It is this "dream," not explicitly stated, but hidden behind a lot of talk about giving the Iraqis freedom and choice, that is meant by "winning the war."

Of course the "war" could be won. But Americans are not interested in winning it. In the first place, the government has not leveled with them about what it is trying to do. They have therefore tried to pursue their goals through deception. And they will continue to do so. Bush's goal is none other than to establish a network of bases in Iraq that will serve for the conquest of the region. It is part and parcel of the effort in Afghanistan, and Iran is obviously the next target. Americans don't have an apetite for whatever is being foisted upon them. They are beginning to realize that this surreptitious effort is not free, that they are paying upward of half a trillion dollars for it so far, and there is much more to come, while their armies have wrecked the Iraqi infrastructure, created a culture of death, with upwards of 600,000 losing their lives. Meahwhile, the so-called "war" has ruined the reputation of Americans, who will be seen as war criminals in much the same way as Germans were after World War II.

The accusations of "cut and run" miss the point. The American people never signed onto this program.

Posted 7/14/2007