PETER'S NEW YORK, August 19, 2007---It looks like the Administration, as i said, is going full speed ahead toward an invasion of Iran as part of their overall plan to control Mideast oil.

 (See the latest Associated Press report:
U.S. forces tracking Iranians in Iraq AP - 31 minutes ago BAGHDAD - American forces are tracking about 50 members of an elite Iranian force who have crossed the border into southern Iraq to train Shiite militia fighters, a top U.S. general said Sunday.)

It is not about Iraq. It is not about Afghanistan. It is not about Iran. It is about controlling Mideast Oil. Thats' why they are creating trumped up charges against Iran. Only a complete disregard for public opinion, which they certainly possess, can allow the Administration to go forward. They already have the tools in place to stop dissent. They have basically the ability to criminalize dissent. So they have that avenue closed off.

You say they don't have enough resources and troops? They are ready to reinstitute the draft. That was a no-brainer. They will have as much manpower as they need.

They can break up any dissent. They have everyone on camera, everybody's communications, the ability to declare marshall law. Bush can operate as the total law in the event of a major disruptive event, which they can create.

Congress is effectively in their pockets. Their biggest asset right now is Nancy Pelosi, who posed as a Democrat do-gooder but revealed her hand when she allowed the last surveillance legislation to come to a vote, a move that she could have stopped as speaker of the house. This tells us a lot about her. It's not because the Democrats are afraid of being called soft on terror. It's because they are in the Administration's pocket. They are big supporters of what the administration is doing. Look at Biden, Lieberman, and Clinton! You mean you are not getting it yet? What Democrats say about being against the war, if anything, is only so much window dressing. Pelosi only bought time for the Administration by posturing against the war, so that resources of those who are against the war would be deflected by waiting for her to do something.

Nancy Pelosi could be impeached for 1. Cooperating with a lawless Administration to destroy the rights of Americans guaranteed in the constitution. and 2. because she said impeachment, a constitutional remedy, is off the table. She basically removed the remedy that Americans have against abuse of  power. She took an oath to uphold the constitution, but she has blatantly defied it.

I'm afraid that the current Administration and Congress are no longer the legal government of the United States. They run the nation only by dictatorial fiat.