As I was saying in two earlier posts 12  the latest so-called terrorist incidents in Great Britain, probably instigated by the US/British intelligence agencies, or some Western government covert operatives, is the pretext for a new terrorist storyboard for US consumption. The Islamics are the bad guys, and that "bad guy" ness is spreading to the more general populace such as the yuppies (young uppwardly mobile professionals), now that doctors are involved. Now I mentioned in  2 how Fox News, via "The O'Reilly Factor," has already taken off on this theme, being the first wave of promoters of the new paradigm for US consumption. Notice that press reports have emphasized that the so-called terrorist doctors in this latest British incident intended to come to America. That is a very important lynchpin, and you can see how the entire fake scenario is being used to bolster the new storyboard. The latest expositor for this storyboard-- and one who is known for a long time to be a neoconistic globalistika, is Thomas Friedman. Everybody knows where he stands-- a totally bought hand. Let's see what this transparent propagandist says.

I'll paraphrase. Friedman begins his latest column by saying that he was six blocks or so from the London bombing or whatever it was, when it happened. Funny he should be so close. Was he there to make sure it all went off ok? Not as outlandish as it may seem. You know, the other London bombing of the subways just celebrated its 2nd birthday, and near at hand when that went off was none other than former NY Mayor Guiliani, who now runs his own private army, or spy agency, or whatever you want to call his security firm. Furthermore, it was only a number of years ago that some American fellow whose name i forget took over the job of running the London subways. This guy, before he took on that job, was involved with the New York Port Authority, but he also had a stint as head of the New York City Partnership, little David Rockefeller's unofficial mayors office for New York City. And David is Chairman Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations and a regular attendant at the annual secretive Bilderberg meetings. Now who else could have made sure that bombs were properly planted in London's subway tunnels?

Anyway, I should not get too far from the main story. So Friedman makes the highly creative (just kidding, actually very predictable) case that terrorism is now a very international thing, and that anybody can carry out a terrorist attack. He says:

"In the old days, you needed a terror infrastructure with bases in Beirut or Afghanistan to lash out in a big way. Not anymore. Now all you need is the  virtual Afghanistan--the Internet and a few cell phones--to recruit, indoctrinate, plan and execute. Hence, the atomization--little terror groups sprouting everywhere. Everyone now has a starter kit."

So, you see, terrorism is just all over the place. Friedman is setting us up for some more government mischief ala 9-11. As I said, you can tell from the news reports not so much the news as the spin that the networks are being told to put on a given event. And it looks like this media-orchestrated spin is going just according to plan.The idea is that Islam, not just so-called "radical Islam,"  should become totally synonymous with terrorism. If you are wearing a veil or sporting one of those Islamic caps, you are, according to the new storyboard, a terrorist. Is anyone catching on?

Posted 7/8/2007

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