The Storyboard Revisited
It appears that my earlier posting on the new storyboard for fake terrorism was more prescient than I imagined. I managed to catch a Fox News presentation (7/6/2007 EST) by Bill O'Reilly of The O'Reilly Factor, with columnist Cal Thomas and a representative of the Islamic community, Hussein Ibish. Thomas had made some statements to the effect that one could not tell the difference between terrorist moslems and normal everyday moslems, and basically said they should all be stopped from entering the country, or something to that effect. It was truly hate-speak, and should be prosecuted under the hate laws or whatever. Anyway, Thomas, if I remember correctly, used as his defense the fact that doctors had just been implicated in the latest (fake CIA inspired or directed) terrorist event in Glasgow. Doctors cannot, he reasoned, be distinguished from the regular population. Ibish said, quite rightly, that Thomas's comments are designed to inspire hatred and fear against molsems. And they were, because there was certainly no basis in logic for them, nor were they in harmony with values that have been championed in this country, that limit the bigotry and hatred and allow the diversity that is protected under the constitution. Mostly, Fox, Thomas, O'Reilly and their ilk are bought hands of the entrenched goverment propaganda mill.

Point is, the new storyboard related to the recent British pseudo-terrorisms is being supported by orchestrated media events such as the O'Reilly-Thomas tag team broadcast. We who have watched this kind of CIA operation--once reserved for third world countries to overthrow regimes unpopular with Washington, but now used on the American populace--can expect more of it, even though Americans  are catching on in ever increasing numbers.

A Cornered Administration
Now that it has been established that a great number of people in this country, within a hair's breadth of  the plurality, and only a few percentage points from the majority, wish and hope for Mr. G.W. Bush's impeachment, we must watch for panicked reaction. There is nothing more dangerous than a cornered racoon or other animal, and certainly, these strange creatures that have inhabited the White House for the past seven years are no exception. Now is the time we must be most vigilant to what these crazies will do. We can expect some big (fake CIA-implemented) terrorist act to happen which will be used as a pretext for something akin to Marshall Law. If this does happen, no matter how transparently it can be seen that the event is directed by U.S. intelligence agencies, the Administration will brazenly use it for implementing emergency powers and protecting itself from being assailed through the impeachment proceedings of Congress. Of course, many scenarios are possible, and I don't have time to put down more than what immediately occurs to me. I would welcome any feedback as to what others project as the direction of the Administration of Mr. Bush in the face of vanishing support from the public.

Al Queda still trumped up as the poster child of international terrorism: an article by Khody Akhavi (Inter Press Service)

Ok, I won't go into the details of this article, except for the fact that it touches upon the use of Al Qaeda (or however you want to spell it) as an overarching, interconnected and practically omnipotent, omnipresent and irradicable source of evil. Long ago, it became clear that the American Government needed a sort of whipping boy to symbolize terrorism, and cultivated Osama Bin Laden for that position. This was in the late 1990s, well before 9-11. In fact, the government hype about Bin Laden was so clownishly loud, that the New York Times finally had to publish an article saying that basically, Washington had nothing substantial to base its charges against the Ronald McDonald of Jihadists. Now, eight years later, we see how difficult it has been for Washington to change its tune. It's the same old fiddle. Al Qaeda is the whipping boy, as it has been for the past six years, even though, as the writer explains, its role (if any really exists) is minimal compared to the real players (including CIA coverts, which he does not mention) in the fighting in Iraq.

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