PETER'S NEW YORK, February 7, 2007--The following are excerpts of a letter to a friend in response to an email he sent me. I have decided to post these excerpts rather than include it in the original letter.

Dear Friend:

For starters, I do believe that the U.S. Constitution gives the power to declare war to Congress, and not to the president. The Congress has no right to cede this power to the president, which it actually did in legislation giving Mr. Bush a green light to conduct the invasion of Iraq. That was an illegal move on the part of Congress.

"War on Terror" is not a legitimate war action

A declaration of war must be made against a political and geographic entity-- a nation. It means that Congress should declare war against a particular country, not tell the president he can do whatever he wants, and not declare some kind of "War on Terror," which is not a war action. A "War on Terror" is not a war at all. In accordance with the constitution, America must declare war against each nation in which it takes part in a military action.

Any military action abroad should be accompanied by a declaration of war by Congress against the particular country in which the military action is contemplated. That is our constitution.

We are now engaged in extra-constitutional military actions around the world. This is an abuse of power on the part of the United States government, not only against people around the world, but against its own people, who must die and pay taxes to support these actions. The U.S. government is now acting illegally, and its legitimacy must increasingly be called into question.

[By the way, don't worry about what will be done to you if you oppose these actions. These folks are already planning to KILL YOU PRE-EMTIVELY, after they have finished using you to achieve their goals of conquest. Yes, all of you. They don't need a lot of people around to compete with their lustful desires and the satisfaction thereof. They see you as competitors for limited resources. The body bags are ready, and they have a means: a so-called terrorist act which they themselves will stage. They control the secret intelligence services, which will assist in the implementation of this population-cropping measure. (Please see "End Game" at and the radio program "Taking Aim," Feb. 5, 2008, the archived edition of which is available on, two sites on different ends of the political spectrum, for verification of these scenarios.)


If you understand that they want you dead, I'm hoping you will take these issues a little more seriously. Write your congressperson.]

Conquest of Middle East oil
As far as the wisdom of going into Afghanistan and Iraq, I do believe that terrorism has little to do with it. The alleged terrorist threat, which many have shown to be virtually non-existent, has been used to engage in an action to control Middle East oil. This is a foolish move, but it is done at the behest of those who would gain by it--mainly oil  and financial interests, who have hijacked our governmental apparatus to pursue their own goals at the expense of the citizenry. They know exactly what they are doing. It is little more than pillage. The conquest of nations for the sake of these companies is fully paid for by the average citizen. It results in a concentration of wealth by a few people at the expense of the middle class. It is basically not only a money grab, but a power grab, because money is power.

There is no danger that any country, by normal means, will not get the oil they need. They will just have to pay for it. These oil interests do not want to pay for it, but want to get involved in the revenue stream produced by the oil market. They generally need the permission of the countries involved, but those countries do not always give them the access to the revenue stream that they want. They therefore have decided to engage in a conquest the Middle East, using the resources of the American people. As you know, Condoleeza Rice and George Bush, among others in the Bush administration, are deeply connected with oil interests.

Why Middle East nations will not cut off oil from America

No country with oil resources will cut off the supply of oil to any country, because their bread and butter is in selling the oil, not in cutting off the supply. As they need the revenues, they will not cut off the supply of oil to any country, but will try to sell it to them at a price which they decide is the best, in a very competitive oil environment, in which there are many countries competing for customers, and many customers competing for suppliers.

So pillage is the main reason for the conquest of the Middle East. I do not believe that this is a legitimate reason to invade other countries.

Patriot Act the end of constitutional government
I'm afraid the patriot act and many other such acts, which are directed toward curtailing constitutional freedoms, and which are ultimately directed toward stifling domestic opposition to current U.S. policies, will result, and is in fact resulting, in something akin to a police state. It will totally undermine the democracy that our forefathers intended to institute when they declared independence from Great Britain in 1776. (The spirit of these documents is that government is an adjuct to the people, and not people an adjuct to the government, which is where we are headed). As I said earlier, the so-called terrorist threat is merely an excuse to wage a war of pillage against other nations for the sake of a few who have used the resources of our country to attain their own objectives. I would like to see a change in this type of aggressive foreign policy.

That's where I stand on this issue.