May 31, 2007
Dear Speaker Pelosi:

I cannot help but share a piece of news I just read over the wire. Associated Press reports: "Lugovoi: British involved in spy's death."

Andrei Lugovoi, the Russian, who is being accused of killing ex-KBG agent Alexander Litvinenko says it was the British who killed him. This makes sense. Why? Because the whole affair is so incredibly contrived to attack Vladimir Putin. This is a Western Establishment job from the git go. Only the West poisons people with polonium. Nobody else does it. The West invented the "Dirty Bomb" as a propaganda tool to arrest innocent people and accuse them of terrorism. Nobody in the history of the world has ever used a dirty bomb, nor will they, except the U.S. and maybe Britain, and then blame it on fake terrorists.

The West has tried to get Vladimir Putin, and when he tried to protect his own country from the multitude of NGOs that are acting as spy agencies in that country, he was criticized as being anti-democratic. We see through it all. Do you, Mrs. Speaker?

Ron Paul, the conservative in your own House of Representatives, has shown that this is exactly what has occurred in the Ukraine. The West funneled money to one side of the election through NGO's and so-called nonprofits. When will we get control of our government again and stop this insane and dangerous meddling in the internal affairs of other countries. When will we? We're tired of our taxpayer money being used this way. The interests of the hyper-wealthy are being collateralized on the backs of the middle class, from war to covert warfare to the interference in elections in other countries. Let's end it fast.


Peter Duveen


May 31, 2007

Dear Speaker Pelosi:

You know how much this country admires you and looks up to you for leadership. You must realize that you are the one that everybody is depending on. Thank you for your courageous leadership at this crucial time in history.

I have written you about Iraq, then, especially about Iran, but now I also write you about the Sudan. I believe the current administration is using charges of genocide against the Sudan government to undermine it and grab their oil. I've seen it happen too many times. I believe there is a tremendous amount of government money now devoted to undermining that government both in America, through an expensive public relations campaign that includes advertising on television, and internationally by shutting the Sudan government out of international banking. Once again, we are trying to kill a prosperous nation and steal their oil.

PLEASE don't let this happen, PLEASE!!!!

You must be on top of this issue. Get your staffers to order an investigation of US funding of the public relations campaign that is trying to undermine the Sudan government in the name of Darfur. I hope your staffers will start to get on top of world issues. The United States is making very expensive efforts all over the world to illigally gain control of the electoral processes of foreign governments so they can control them politically. I see this happening to Hugo Chavez in Argentina, Vladimir Putin in Russia, in the Ukraine, and I could go on to name many many more foreign governments.

Congressman Ron Paul tried to initiate an investigation into this type of activity in the Ukraine, which is now headed toward a political, and very possibly in the near future, a humanitarian crisis. I hope you are reading the emails I write. I'm going to post this one on my web site. I support all your efforts as Speaker of the House of the U.S. House of Representatives, and, I hope, as the future President of the United States, to bring World Peace.

Kindest regards,

Peter Duveen

May 28, 2007

Dear Speaker Pelosi:

Thank you for your very generous gesture of supporting US president George Bush on initiating talks with Iran. This is a big step. But we MUST not let our guard down.

There are still a flotilla of US ships in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Iran. This is an extremely provocative action, coupled with the covert programs and the likely false accusations, now repeated ad infinatum in the press, that Iran is supporting insurgents in Iraq. This last item is the one that is most likely to be used as a pretext for an invasion.

We saw the way Sadaam Hussein was treated before the invasion. We may be headed down the same road, in spite of the recent talks with Iran. Now is the time to be vigilant, and to take preemtive action to ensure that President Bush does not attack the peaceful and prosperous nation of Iran.

As far as the war in Iraq is concerned, the democrats need a plan. In 2005, I wrote Sen. Hillary Clinton with a peace plan. It consisted of five points:

1. The United States must apologize to the people of Iraq and to the world community for the invasion of that country.

2. The United States must hand over all decision-making regarding the future of Iraq to the United Nations. It must withdraw all troops, and allow United Nations peacekeeping forces to move in in their stead, giving countries of the region a particular role in the process of international amelioration and reconstruction.

3. Under United Nations supervision, the United States must pay reparations for the damage it has wrought in Iraq and the Middle East.

4. Congress must repudiate the granting of any powers unconstitutionally ceded to the executive branch of government, such as powers to exercise force that constitute acts of war without a specific declaration of war approved by Congress.

5. Congress must once again bring the United States into compliance with domestic and international law, and make sure all parties that have violated such laws be brought to speedy justice, including the executive leadership of the current administration. The entire letter may be found on my web site at The democrats, as well as republicans and conservatives who oppose this war, must craft an credible overall policy for stoping the war and healing the damage it has wrought. Thank you for listening to me. I hope you take these words to heart. Thank you for everything you are doing to exercise leadership for this nation, our beloved nation of America that has fallen into criminal hands.

Kindest regards.

Peter Duveen

May 27, 2007

Dear Speaker Pelosi:

Of course, the latest funding for the Iraq war, which Bush signed into law, is a great disappointment. The democrats lacked a credible plan. They should not just unwind the war, but should create in its stead an internationally agreed-upon settlement with the use of regional and international partners. Why don't you do that?

Unfortunately, Bush appears to be ready to invade Iran. This is a tragedy, and could very well provoke a revolution in the United States. That is why you and the democratic leadership should have immediately moved for impeachment proceedings when you assumed power in Congress. Impeachment is a peaceful form of revolution, however gut- wrenching it may be. But short of impeachment, there may be a revolution because I don't believe people will be ready to support an extended war in the Middle East. There is a lot of opposition to it, and there is no end in sight, only escalation.

One of the democratic members of congress has already read into the record the risk of an upheaval in the United States in reaction to the current policies of President Bush. It is a matter to be taken seriously. If leadership breaks down, the default is revolution. Time is running out. I hope you and the Democratic leadership, along with republicans and conservatives who realize how drastic the situation now is, will do something significant to change the course of this country.

I do believe you are doing the best you can. I do believe you are trying very hard to resolve the crisis into which America has fallen. For that, you have the gratitude of Americans.

Kindest regards,

Peter Duveen