A letter to Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, the United States Congress, dated March 15, 2007

Dear Speaker Pelosi:

I am pleased with the Democratic leadership's actions to thwart the inhuman war in Iraq, which has wasted taxpayer money in the cause of an illegal war against a virtually defenseless people.

America was lied to. Your actions to stem, hopefully to totally block, appropriations that would allow the war to continue, are praiseworthy. The American people are thanking you now, day and night.

But it is not enough. The American people are on the verge of saying that their government does not fuction on their behalf, and has allowed a small group at the top to fester that is bent on inhumane conquest. Any move to bring Bush and his cohorts to justice will serve to ameliorate the rage that Americans feel. It should be done swiftly. He must be impeached.

Bush and others in authority may think they have a right to rule, but Democratic government is nothing but a truce among the various factions that constitute the governed. There is no telling when that truce will be called off. This is the basic reason why governments are able to fuction. They function under the eternal pressure that the truce may be called off, and the government structure may be considered moot. That is why it is incumbent on those in government to see that the terms of the "truce" are carried out  in ways that are just and equitable, not only for the American people but for all of our world partners.

We thank you for your efforts in this direction, and pray that your efforts will bear fruit.

Speaker Pelosi, do not think that your deeds are unappreciated. Millions of Americans, the majority, in fact, are applauding what you and your fellow Democrats and Republican and independent allies are doing.

Kindest regards,

Peter Duveen