Ron Paul/Dennis Kucinich Ticket, or election boycott?

It seems that the American media has the race for the 2008 US presidency tied up between Clinton/Obama or Rudolph Giuliani and whoever may be his running mate. By spinning stories and being the gate-keepers of access to TV, radio and newspapers, they basically dictate who the public will vote for. Of course there's always the chance that Michael Bloomberg could throw his hat into the race and upset the apple cart as it is currently constituted. However, there is the potential that the two backrunners of the Dems and the Republicans could form a third party or run as independents on a single ticket. Whether Paul or Kucinich would take the top spot is open to question. But the impact of having an alternative for the voters of both  parties who are deeply disappointed with the direction that the major parties have been taking would be appreciable. If it even approximated 33 percent, there is a general chance of such a ticket being the victorious one. The question is whether each of the two candidates will tolerate the other's stance on contentious issues like abortion and gay rights. But the power of the ticket is that it will unite two very diverse points of view, and possibly bring on supporters of both viewpoints. This could be the winning ticket!

Paul has been very outspoken in the televised presidential debates, standing up to Guiliani in insisting that America has provoked terrorism through a foreign policy that interferes with other countries. Kucinich showed his strength of character in stating that he would not try to assasinate Osama Bin Laden
even if he had a clear shot, and that he was against a policy of political assasination, unlike the other candidates who were falling over each other to take out the poster boy for international terrorism.

If the Right and the Left still hate each other to the extent that they cannot unite behind the Paul/Kucinich ticket, there is always the possibility that the disenfranchised voters will choose to participate in an organized boycott of the election. This may end up as the only viable alternative to an electoral process totally controlled from the top.
Posted 7/6/2007

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