MINDANAO - The people who brought you the destruction of the World Trade Center and the invasion of Iraq have now introduced a new character into their fake terrorism saga.

Edith Regalado writes in The Philippine Star for June 11, 2007, that a source tells her that one of the terrorists the American forces are looking for in southern Mindanao does not really exist.

"An Indonesian official insisted yesterday that fugitive Bali bomber Umar Patek is nothing but a figment of the imagination even as the United States has put a $1 million bounty on his head." Regalado writes.

Regalado tells us that US troops are looking for both Patek and another so-called terrorist, Dulmatin, in connection with the Bali bombing of a number of years ago.

"'Patek was just a figment of the imagination of one of those suspected Jemaah Islamiyah terrorists who were earlier arrested. One of them made up a story about Patek. Nobody knows anything about Patek because he does not exist,' the source told The Star."

The story continues down a few paragraphs:

"The same source said should there be any claim that Patek has been killed, it would be hard to confirm this.
"'How can you say it is Patek when you do not even have any basis for any DNA test or even to compare how he really looks like,' he asked."

This leaves open an interesting question. A few days ago, the United States awarded several people millions of dollars for their role in fingering the whereabouts of a so-called terrorist who was killed in southern Mindanao. The PR event on TV and plastered all over the newspapers showed the men, shrouded in black to mask their identities, picking up carrying cases supposedly filled with some of the money that was their reward. Of course their identities were supposed to have been kept a secret to protect them from reprisals. But what is to stop the government from awarding nobody the money, and just using FBI agents as props to make it look like an award was made? How will we every know the payoff was for real or not?

It's like the supposed designer of the 9-11 plot who is incarcerated in one of America's secret prisons, but is not allowed to talk to anyone such as a reporter so that we may independently verify that he is indeed the ring-leader of the 9-11 plot. How will we ever know? Many in America believe it is far more likely that we will find the mastermind of that tragedy in a Washington-based think tank or in the basement of the White House than in any American concentration camp.

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