Mt. Everest Base Camp Said to be Site of Planned Cricket Tourney

by Pradeep Kaphle

NEPAL, April 10--An international cricket tournament is to be organized at Gorak Shep, located at the height of 5,165 meters in the lap of the Mt. Everest, from April 21.

Altogether, 43 players from Britain, Australia and New Zealand would be divided into two teams, named Tenzing and Hillary after the first two men to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, and play the match, according to the Himalayan Rescue Association.

The match being played at the highest altitude would set not only a world record but also introduce Nepal as a destination for adventure and sports tourism.

It is said the game, to be organized with the help of British Himalaya Trust, would have the participation of British cricketers James Kirtely, Kardik, David and other popular players. They would set off for the Everest base camp on Saturday.

Team leader Richard Kirtley said that though it would be risky, as the match was being played in the lap of Mt. Everest, the players are prepared physically and mentally because it would be adventurous.

Kirtley further said the success of this game would heighten the importance of Mt. Everest around the globe and help Nepal in the development of sports tourism.

Himalayan Rescue Association Chairman Bikram Neupane said they have arranged for and paid special attention to the players’ health, citing the possibility of altitude sickness.