31 January 2008
Birgunj , Nepal 
Bomb hurled targeting FM station
A bomb was hurled targeting Indreni FM 97.6 in Birgunj, central district of Nepal, on Wednesday night about 8pm, 30 January 2008.
According to the press statement issued by Broadcasting Association of Nepal, BAN, an unidentified group hurled bomb targeting the FM station with an intention to threaten the media. Indreni FM is continuously raising voice for democracy and public welfare and the particular FM had covered a live mass meeting organized by seven party alliance in the preparation of constitutional election on the same date, said Bishnu Hari Dhakal, general secretary of BAN. Dhakal further said that bomb didn't cause any damage to the station and the media persons.
Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) has condemned the incident and has urged the government to find and punish the guilty. The federation has also urged government to be serious for the safety and security of media.
   Pradeep Kaphle