PETER'S NEW YORK, June 19, 2008--Not long ago on the Alex Jones radio program, a caller mentioned that, although he lives in a rural area, he has noticed a large number of military aircraft flying over the area. More recently, "We Are Change" has documented helicopter flights in the Denver, Colo. vicinity. In my very rural part of the world, really dairy farm country in Northern New York State, I have also noticed a large number of military flights. Sometimes, aircraft can be heard in the middle of night flying overhead. Recently (April 2) while driving along a road from one city to another along a river, I noticed a helicopter flying in the same direction. I asked a famous photographer who was traveling with me to snap a few photographs of the helicopter, and here they are:

Copter 2

copter 3

copter 4

Copter 5

Copters 1

Hope you enjoyed the show!