Photographs of the Glackens Chandelier

Current owner says this waterford crystal chandelier was made for the famous "ash can" artist William Glackens some time in the 1920s. During this period, Glackens and his family lived at  10 W. 9th Street in Greenwich Village, and also had a farmhouse in Conway, N.H. called Laborador Farm. There is a small crystal bulb that hangs from the center bottom of the chandelier which has been removed to prevent it from accidentally being broken. This crystal bulb can be seen in the last image on this page. One of the cups under the candle has a chip out of it and I think there is one missing crystal. The heir said that Nancy Glackens, the daughter-in-law of William Glackens, explained that because the chandelier was made on commission, the position of each  piece of crystal was unique and had to be maintained if the chandelier were ever moved.

Glackens Chandelier complete
The Glackens Chandelier

Glackens Chandelier 4
Above, with yardstick indicating size.

Glackens chandelier 3
Bottom view of chandelier

Glackens Chandelier detail 1
More detail

Glackens Chandelier detail 2
A closeup showing detail work.

Glackens chandelier home

This is a photo showing the chandelier as it once hung in one of the homes of Nancy and Ira Glackens. You can see the bulb hanging at the bottom of the chandelier. It has been removed to prevent it from being damaged, but is still intact, according to the owner.

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