Fox's Rivera calls "9-11 truth" protesters "a group of misfits." Says they are into "Gay Sex."
Fox News employee Geraldo Rivera, miffed at a loud protest outside Fox News HQs promoting "9-11 Truth," called
"a group of misfits."

PETER'S NEW YORK, Sunday, September 9, 2007 (Philippine Time)--A demonstration outside the Fox News headquarters on Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan was able to upstage the renowned broadcaster Geraldo Rivera as he desparately tried to keep his composure while broacasting his program from outside Fox News headquarters. Rivera not only had to outshout the protesters, but also had to share the camera with them. Rivera was obviously miffed, and finally lost his cool. Just after covering the latest sex scandal involving a United States senator, he said: "I think these demonstrators are all into restroom gay sex."

As the demonstration was in itself a news event, the cameras every so often panned directly on the banner- and plackard-carrying crowd. One demonstrator's sign, which referred directly to the investigation of the World Trade Center disaster of six years ago, read "9-11 Truth Now." Some signs were obviously critical of "neocons," the strain of Republicans and their fellow travelers who run the White House and craft U.S. foreign policy.

Fox camera pans to protesters outside Fox News Headquarters, revealing police action.

The protest was unabated for perhaps more than 30 minutes, the shouts of the protesters almost overwhelming the interviews and taxing Rivera's patience and concentration. Rivera referred to the protesters as the "group of misfits behind me."

Rivera later noted that protesters in New York City had to get a permit to hold a demonstration, and added that if violence broke out, that he and others of the Fox staff were prepared to deal with it.

Later, the Fox News camera panned to the street, where it became apparent that police action of some kind was being used to disperse the demonstration. Finally, the loud voices of protest faded. It was not immediately apparent what the role of the police was in quelling the demonstration, or if any arrests were made.

In the meantime, online versions of both the New York Post and the New York Daily News reported that Alex Jones, the radio commentator and documentary film maker, was arrested for using a bull horn at the demonstration. City law requires a permit to operate a bull horn, although cases winding through the courts may challenge the constitutionality of the law. The Post headline referred to Jones as a "nut," while the Daily News characterized his theories as far fetched. They gave no reasons, however, for the characterizations, indicating that they were being used as arguments to attack Jones's views.

Jones hosts a daily syndicated radio program that lighlights subterfuge of the U.S. government in crafting its policies. He has released several documentaries, among them "Terror Storm," that document his claims that the U.S. government plans to declare martial law to enslave the American people. (see his website at