The Millennial Flexi-Planner
The personal time management tool that will jump-start your life

Millennial Flexi-Planner cover

The Millennial Flexi-Planner is a unique time management tool that adds flexibility and range to your planning, Unlike other planning tools on the market, the MFP does not box you into the time frame of a worker bee on the slave ship lollypop. Rather, it is for people who see their identities as expansive, flexible, and forward looking. The MFP does not dominate or constrict, but works productively as a tool with a non-fascist creative interface. It is not a product for "anal retentives," but if used by these, it can help to alleviate the condition.

The MFP combines short-term and long-term planning in a single compatible format. With weekly, quarterly, decade, century, millennium and deca-millennium planning sheets, any event between now and the next 8,000 years can be planned for (we are now in the Third Millennium; the First Deca-millenium began on 1 AD, and will end on the year 9999).

The MFP has an archives section that allows for historical tracking for 12,000 years into the past. The balancing of the future with the past is one of  the hallmarks of the MFP planning tool. It also gives you a place to store your expired planning sheets for convenient reference. Planning sheets are printed on 8-1/2 x 11" three-hole plain white paper, and are inserted in a clear-cover plastic binder. Leather binders are available into which the plastic binder can be inserted.

The MFP is designed as a tool that puts you in the driver's seat, rather than being hamstrung into conforming to a planning scheme. 

Using the MFP is INCREDIBLY simple. The first planning sheet is the Weekly Flexi-Planner. Events are first listed in the numbered "Events" box. They can then be scheduled by placing the number of the event in the appropriate box on the calendar grid, which displays all the hours of the week.

Weekly Flexi-Planner

Notice how a "to do" list is generated, while one has the flexibility to schedule, unschedule, or complete an event. You can write the event down before you know when you want to accomplish it, or just leave it active but unscheduled. The events boxes continue on the reverse side of the planning sheet. There are 40 events boxes. The lower portion of the sheet is reserved for jotting down notes, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

Weekly Flexi-Planner (reverse side)

The next planning sheet is the 3-month (Quarterly) Flexi-Planner. One is able to view three entire months at a glance. The days of each month are so situated that they conform to the weekly planning sheets. Note how there is seamless continuity between the weekly and the quarterly, meaning that the quarterly takes up the slack where the weekly leaves off.

Quarterly Flexi-Planner

Planning capacity is extended through the  Decade Flexi-Planner planning sheet. For example, we are now at this writing in the year 2009. The four Quarterly Flexi-Planner sheets take care of this year. For events beginning next year, one can use this Decade Flexi-Planner sheet. Note that, at time frames more remote, fewer events will be scheduled. The Decade Flexi-Planner takes the place of 40 quarterly planning sheets, or more than 400 weekly planning sheets, condensing 11 years into only 6 planning sheets! Why carry all that extra paper around with you?

Decade Flexi-Planner

The 21st Century Flexi-Planner planning sheet follows the decade and further extends one's planning capacity. The Century Flexi-Planner is useful not only for century-long events, but for events that cannot fit into a mere ten-year time frame, or that overlap from the decade to the century, such as might happen if one is nearing the end of the decade:

Century Flexi-Planner

The Millennial Flexi-Planner planning sheet follows the century. While it may be of less use to most of us, it does make one aware of the expanse of time that moves through our own lives, and affects future generations. However, on the practical side, there are certain loans and securities that are structured to mature over a thousand year time frame. We also know that some construction projects took over a century to complete, such as those of the great cathedrals of medieval Europe, and, for all we know, the Egyptian pyramids:

Millennial Flexi-Planner sheet

And the Deca-Millennial Flexi-Planner planning sheet follows the millennium sheet. To track the millennia as they pass, a ten thousand year planning sheet is indispensable:

Deca-Millennial Flexi-Planner

All in all, any event between now and the end of the First Deca-Millennium can be scheduled. That is
the power of the Millennial Flexi-Planner.

The Millennial Flexi-Planner includes an archives section where, when a planning sheet has expired, it can be moved to for future reference. Many times events on expired sheets will remain active, and it is useful to review these sheets from time to time to remind one of the status of earlier-listed events. Since every sheet produced will end up in the "Archives," one can have the confidence that notes or phone numbers written down in the "NOTES" space at the back of each planning sheet will be preserved in perpetuity.

Also in the "Archives" section are planning sheets for the past decade, millennium and deca-millennium, making possible historical reviews, or listing of events such as genealogical information. The archives section also contains the four Quarterly Flexi-Planner sheets for the year following, five extra weekly planning sheets that may be copied for personal use, and a quarterly template in the event one finds it useful to make one's own quarterly planning sheets. Just make a copy of the template, and put in your own dates, etc.

If you don't "get" it, don't waste your time here. Quickly run to Franklin Planner or some other planning tool for the Konventionalistikas! The rest of you, please consider purchasing this remarkable planning tool.


Peter Duveen
Creator, Millennial Flexi-Planner, and President of the Siberian Coffee Pipeline Company and head of the company's Flexi-Planner division.


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