1. An exchange on immigration

PETER'S NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2008--I recently chimed in on a discussion about immigration on Alex Jones's Infowars website ( www;infowars.com ). If you are not already aware of it, Jones's syndicated radio program and flotilla of websites are enjoying widespread popularity, not least because radio broadcasts may now be heard over the internet, and one no longer needs to be within range of radio transmissions. Of course this applies not only to Jones's program, but to others such as, for example,  Democracy Now. Both of the aforementioned programs feature interviews with newsmakers, and whatever one may feel about the individual views of Jones or Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, their programs are well worth listening to.

On the immigration issue, Jones is unabashedly for protected borders. However, many of his celebrity guests, including former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura, take issue with his stand. A recent exchange I had on the Inforwars website illustrates the diversity of views regarding the fence that is being constructed on the U.S. Mexican border, ostensibly to control the flow of "illegal" immigration:.
  1.  PeterD Says:

    December 19th, 2008 at 9:23 am

    This fence is unfortunately the result of anti-immigration tirades by people like the ones that sponsor this website. It’s really unfortunate that Mr. Jones does not realize the implications of his words. Furthermore, a case can be made that the so-called NWO is anti-immigration, and has wanted to keep people in their country of origin to take advantage of the wage differentials for manufacturers, etc. It is a very pro-people thing to facilitate the crossing of borders, because people should have the right to travel freely. It is a very anti-people thing to try to impede people’s right to travel where they please. So it is not surprising that the antipeople crusade of the anti-immigration people has resulted in a fence that will imprison Americans. Thanks a lot. Hey, let me say it again. THANKS A LOT!

    1. Rusty S. Says:

      December 19th, 2008 at 9:49 am

      Peter, Do us all a favor and move to Mexico….THANKS….THANKS ALOT

    Michelle S Says:
    December 19th, 2008 at 11:38 am

    I thought they were building a substandard fence because the ultimate plan will be to remove borders alltogether for the NAU.

    Makes sense to me that they’ll just build something they can easily remove or worse still, replace at various FEMA camp sites. This is all recyclable fencing.

    Did I miss something?? Isn’t this why the fence sucks and no one’s really all that concerned about borders right now?

Dude Says:

December 19th, 2008 at 11:46 am

The problems with the border with Mexico are bigger than people realize. Many of the immigrants crossing are from as far away as Colombia and further. America cannot cure the ills for the entire South American continent. After America is ruined by this problem and North and South America are both destroyed then what will everyone do try to overrun Greenland? The U.S. should invade Mexico and set up a 50 mile demilitarized zone to push back illegal immigrants,human traffickers, and drug cartels, so that the problems do not spread futher into the U.S. Then the government of Mexico and of South American countries would be foced to enact reforms and make their own countries livable for everyone not just the wealthy. The non criminal element of these countries are not to blame, but corrupt, elite, criminal governments are. This immigration problem should be called what it really is, a refugee movement and a humanitarian disaster. The Mexican and Central American governments should be held accountable for this situation and all foreign aid should be cut until they respond.

FreeinTX Says:

December 19th, 2008 at 11:54 am


If the only thing our government uses to keep us in America is this 370 mile fence, spread out over the 2,000 mile border, with gaps to allow water and wildlife to pass unintruded, then we have absolutely nothing to fear from that. Or, at least as much to fear as the people who are flooding into this country has to fear from it, which is very little.

Now, when the time comes, there may be Mexican military, backed by US military, UN troops, NATO troops, Russian troops, and Chineese troops, along with Blackwater and the other CRIMINAL private militaries helping the NWO accomplish their goals and preventing us from leaving the newly deposed USofA, but as far as being worried about THIS border fence keeping us in, WHAT A JOKE!!!

Now, we have borders, and for your comment about being allowed to travel whereever the h-ll you please including in and out of our country, that’s just plain stupid. Our country is being disolved at local levels by a flood of Mexican peasants, Mexican felons, Mexican drug dealers, and Mexican gang members coming into our country and reciving free benefits that are NOT even availible to American citizens. Free healthcare at our emergency rooms. Free schooling at our public schools, paid for by house and property taxes they do NOT pay. Food stamps, welfare, subsidized loans, etc. costing the American taxpayer far in excess of what we have to spend.

Further, they are NOT required to have ID’s, or drivers licenses to drive on our roads. No insurance for their vehicles to drive on our roads. No inspection stickers required. No registration on their vehicles required. They are getting preferential treatment, while we, AMERICANS, are taxed and fined into oblivion.

Even the random checkpoints being set up here in Texas to limit our travel inside of our country, has pledged to give illegals a pass at their checkpoints. So they commit multiple felonies to get into this country, multiple misdemeanors driving in our country with NONE of the documents that are required for AMERICANS, yet they go unpunuished at checkpoints illegally set up within our country to catch criminals.

So, while you sit there and insist that it should be okay to allow Mexican peasants, Mexican felons, Mexican drug dealers, and Mexican gang mebers to enter our country unrestricted, you fail to even grasp the concept that these peasants, felons, drug dealers, and gang members are aiding the NWO in tearing this country apart by driving our wages down to below any possible living wage, and forcing us to be dependant on the government for financial aid instead of being able to live free making a living for ourselves.

Get on the side of right, and stop helping these NWO CRIMINAL SCUM!!!

 PeterD Says:

  1. December 20th, 2008 at 12:52 am


    Thanks for chiming in on my post.

    Not all the Mexicans that are crossing borders are the types you describe. But, you know, we have enough of those types among, not just the Mexicans, but the general U.S. population. Mexicans did not invent crime.

    Admittedly, I did see a group of Mexicans at the customer service counter of a local grocery where I was about to send a western union money order. The fellow before me tried to send about $300, but a $100 bill was found to be counterfeit. I guess groceries get a lot of those.

    Still, we can’t say that Mexicans introduced counterfeiting into America. At least these folks work for a living, which is more than one can say about many bona fide Americans. I first became interested in Mexican immigration to America when Bill Clinton threatened us with such an invasion if we did not approve a $40 billion bailout pronto, the reasoning being that without the bailout, the Mexican economy would tank, sending a new wave of workers across the border seeking a living wage. I knew then that such an invasion was actually the solution, not something to be feared.

    What floors me, is that you begrudge the Mexicans the privileges that you yourself would like to enjoy–not getting checked out by the cops, not having to have a drivers license, etc. etc. The solution is not to take away the privileges that Mexicans enjoy, but to be treated in a like manner yourself.

    The Mexicans have paved the way for all of us.

    As far as international troops patrolling America, yes, indeed, that might happen. It is all done on a pretext that America has a nuclear arsenal, and that, in order to make that secure, the American people cannot be permitted to rebel, since it becomes a world security risk at that point. So of course this means that having nuclear weapons is not consistent with a democracy. The weapons should be done away with, not the democracy. But that is not how “they” see it.

    One more thing. I have chimed in on the immigration issue before on this site, because it sticks out like a sore thumb, with all the other good stuff here. Some of Alex’s closest friends, such as the former governor of Minnesota, disagree with him on this subject. I believe that borders merely define the places where services are to be provided, not places to keep people out. When one is in England, one can take advantage of their medical system. In other countries, Americans take advantage of the social safety nets there. Are you looking at the entire equation, or just taking pieces of it that fit the picture you are stuck on?

    Americans are screwed up because the monetary system and the American government has relied on an excessive amount of debt, and the mis-allocation of capital has resulted in their being able to freeload in do-nothing jobs, because it is all based on borrowed money. There is no need to blame some opportunistic, hard-working people from another country. And in the event that foreign military do dominate this country, they will have to deal with the Mexican, Russian, and other gangs that won’t roll over and play dead like most of their American brethren.

    I hope you understand that all I have said is in the spirit of discussion and debate, and no animus is intended. I am ready to learn, as well as to spout out my opinion.