The purpose of the British secret service staging of the alleged Glasgow car bombing is to add a new scenario to their fictional "terrorist storyboard." But this scenario is really for US consumption.

Allegedly, doctors participated in this last bombing. The idea to be promulgated is that your next door neighbor middle class professional fellow, who is moslem, could be the one who will be the next terrorist. This creates strife between Moslems and the rest of the country, and provides a convenient scapegoat for the government to accuse. My guess is that government agents planted bombs in the doctors' cars. People who risk everything to commit a terrorist act will make sure that it will go off. That's why suicide bombers are so successful. If these are really intelligent professionals, they will be successful in their terrorist effort as well. But of course as successful intelligent people, they would never try to pull off such a thing anyway. The kind of half-baked allegedly terrorist act supposedly perpetrated by doctors at the behest of the mythical Al Queda did not really come off. The picture of the burning car shown continually on the TV by CNN, BBC and Fox was probably a senario created by US and British intelligence agencies.

We in the United States must be vigilant of attempts to marginalize and make a scapegoat of molsems. What the intelligence services are doing is to actually create the conditions where violence in reaction to injustice is more likely to occur in our country. They know this. Only a vigilant population here in the US will be able to see through the government's tricks and thwart them. Unity between moslems, jews, christians and in fact all religious people is the necessary antidote to the poison of those whose evil designs have infiltrated our government.

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