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PETER'S NEW YORK, January 9, 2008 -- The big issue of the current presidential campaign is the fact that the elections are rigged, from inception to culmination, and that the process of rigging merely ends with control over the vote count. All of these components ensure that certain candidates will climb to the top of the heap, while others are made to appear as mere stragglers. It is one huge shell game.

In the first place, the media gave an inordinate amount of publicity to less than a handful of candidates. On the Democratic side, this was particularly apparent. Hillary Clinton got the lion's share of publicity on the pretext of her fundraising efforts. Then, Barack Obama suddenly appeared from virtually nowhere with lots of money, and, once again the media used his burgeoning campaign chest as an excuse to give him an inordinate amount of air time and column space. This is just the beginning of the rigging of elections. Then come the debates. Once again, straw polls are ignored, polls after debates are ignored, with the excuse that they are not "scientific." In the meantime, so-called "scientific" polls are not carefully monitored. They are merely trusted as being on the up-and-up. These polls are likely rigged. This gives more justification to the media to publicize only certain candidates in the field, and shutting out others. Finally, if all of this does not work and it appears that some candidates not intended to gain percentage points in the polls do so anyway, the last resort, and one liberally resorted to, is the actual tampering of the vote count. In this way, American democracy has been totally strangled, and if people don't have a sense of it, they must have their heads where they don't belong.

The only excuse for machine voting is that it makes it easier to rig votes. There is absolutely no reason why paper ballots cannot be used exclusively and counted by hand. Then, of course, very stringent safeguards should be in place against tampering with the vote in any way, and these safeguards are almost certainly not in place. In the case where the vote count is automated, the results can be easily changed, and this has been substantiated by many studies. But it appears that the media is not interested in giving time to this story. Even if the public suspects the count, the media will go on as if everything is fine, and those doubters of the authenticity of the tallies are once again relegaged to "conspiracy theory" status.

Case  in point now are some statistical anayses of the vote count in the New Hampshire primary. Ron Paul supporters found that in one town where it was known that people voted for Ron Paul, the vote count was ZERO for Paul. Paul supporters are talking of a recount, although this may not really solve the problem in its entirety. http://www.ronpaulwarroom.com/?p=681

Another analysis comparing hand-counted tallies with machine counted ones, shows that hand-counts favored Paul by a few percentage points, putting him over Rudolph Guiliani, and Obama over Hillary by a wide margin.
Notice that when the polls do not jibe with the election results, the MSM (main stream media) pundits blame the polls. They never suspect the other side of the equation--the vote count. Why not? It could be equally due to one as to the other.

The fact is that, where there is no security over the vote count, and where the chore is merely handed over to a private company with no oversight, one must assume that the vote count is fraudulent. This statistical evidence is just icing on the cake. Where there is opportunity, one must assume that it is being taken advantage of.

This is a rather serious matter, as it has totally undermined the efficacy and public faith in elections. While the media may not carry this story, and they have not at all carried it, from what I hear on the airwaves, it must be addressed. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did an analysis of voting in Ohio in the 2004 election, and demonstrated that tampering was accomplished on many levels, but it appears that his work has been totally ignored. Election fraud IS the one BIG issue of the current election cycle, and if you are not aware of it, you may want to consult a neurosurgeon.