PETER'S NEW YORK, August 5, 2007---I recently explained how names of organizations reflect an underlying causal unity. As examples, I cited the various public-private partnerships ending with the buzzword "partnership" such as the various municipal public private partnerships.

This comes to mind because of a column in the Philippine press last week. The author, Natalia M.L.M Morales, is the vice president of the Philippine Council for Foreign Relations. Reminds one of THE Council on Foreign Relations on Park Avenue and 68th Street in Manhattan, New York City.

Did you know, by the way, that the United States is peppered with chapters of an organization called the Foreign Affairs Council? As a freelance reporter many years ago, I covered an event at the Pittsburgh Foreign Affairs Council, where William Bennett, Education Secretary under President Ronald Reagan, was speaking. That's when I first came across the name.

I had lunch with some of the membership... a lot of tooty fruity hotshots. I did get a free lunch out of it and did write an article.

Just as the country is peppered with these organizations, at least in major cities, organizations under titles of the form [NAME OF COUNTRY] Council on Foreign Relations can be found all over the world. They have the same feel, the same focus, as their parent in New York City.

Anyway, Ms. Morales writes about the strengthening of ASEAN, the organization of southeast Asian nations that is run on a consensus basis. There is a hue and cry among pundits in the press to make some of the organization's pronouncements mandatory for all the member nations--a charter with "teeth," so to speak.

Morales, for example, complains that Filipinos don't really identify with their region. They don't see themselves, in other words, as patriotic southeast Asians. I think that is very wise of them.

It seems that Ms. Morales, like many others who surfaced with similar commentaries in the press during the recent ASEAN meeting in Manila, would like to see a kind of charter or constitution that would envelop all of ASEAN's members, but that would also abrogate the decision-making process on the part of the average citizen that is the heart of the democracies of the region, including the Philippines.

"A regional community," Morales writes, "demands a higher level and quality of interaction that may not initially involve the common man."

Morales continues: "ASEAN is definitely understood and appreciated by political leaders and the economic elite who have the means to benefit from the regional process. The "trickle down' effect to the community could come later."

Well, what if trickle-down doesn't come later, Ms. Morales? Do you think people are just going to roll over and play dead? That's not what the lesson of history teaches us. A lot of "elites" went to the guillotine during the French Revolution. They did not do to well in the wake of the Russian Revolution either. Would they have acted differently if they had known that their actions would have resulted in their gruesome deaths? Perhaps.

Why is this of interest to Americans? Because there seems to be some effort afoot to similarly form a "North American Union" that is backed by THE Council on Foreign Relations and that would similarly abrogate the rights of the "common man."

It has already happened in Europe, where a new charter for the European Union will be adopted, not by the "common man," but by the "elite," through the national legislatures they control.  This is basically a national surrender to a multinational organization without a popular vote. The same procedure is undoubtedly planned for the United States via the North American Union, whose governing body would control Mexico, and Canada as well as the United States. This is unconstitutional and nothing short of treasonous. But it will happen if people do nothing to stop it. Proponents of the North American Union meet in Canada this month under, it is said, very high security.

There are a lot of people who are infuriated about this. You can go to or Alex Jones's to find out more. Or, you could roll over and play dead.

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