PETER'S NEW YORK, July 28, 2007

Pelosi promoted bill to support recommendations of the bogus 9-11 Commission
Ms. Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US house of representatives, has sold her contituency down the river once again. She did so first by taking impeachment off the table. Those, I suppose, were her marching orders. She sold them down the river again by adopting provisions of the 9-11 commission, that rubber stamp of erroneous and inaccurate information that drew equally erroneous conclusions in its public policy prescriptions. There was no debate about the efficacy of the 9-11 commission. Its recommendations were pushed even after the commission's official capacity had ended. It had managed to extend its life (funded by whom or what, we don't know) and continued to lobby for the  policies it promoted. Now many of those policies will be adopted by George Bush, US President, when he signs the latest bill into law.

Here's what Nancy Pelosi says:

"This legislation will protect Americans from terrorism by addressing major security vulnerabilities and improving our defenses across the board against terrorist attacks, honoring our solemn responsibility to protect and defend the American people."

We already had protection. It has been established that the terrorist threat is 99.9 percent invention. So what is the purpose of all this so-called terrorist legislation?

The "Powers That Be" long ago knew that they had certain goals, the achievement of which would require a lawless and belligerant foreign policy that would undeboutedly provoke attack from the world's populations and from  our own freedom-loving people in particular. The purpose of anti-terrorism legislation is to thwart opposition to these foreign policy objectives, both abroad and in America by our own citizens. End of story.

There are penalties for bugging out. Are you listening, Korea?

A Korean, one of 23 that were kidnapped recently, was killed.  A group claiming to be the Taliban took responsibility. Or was it just a provocation to keep the Koreans from withdrawing from the "Wreck Afghanistan Club" of nations. Korea was thinking of withdrawing its 200 troops.

"See, this aint the kind of group you withdraw from, get it, Mr. K? Uh, now you know what we do with guys who try to get out of the club, see? Now LETS make sure you don't TRY that AGAIN.....OK! That's a good boy."

"Oh Gee, I guess you weren't a terrorist after all!" Doctor in Australia freed, with apologies, after his detention for a bogus connection with the latest FAKE London Bombing
I won't go into the details. See, these clever British stooges let their imaginations run away with them, and now the public sort of sees them for what they are....we hope! A month or so ago, a car crashed at a British airport, and they found some nails and stuff in a few cars, so the clowns there called it a terrorist plot and arrested a doctor. Now you see, we never heard the doctor's side of the story cuz the media are just not interested in it, or are at least not interested in letting you in on it. Anyway, they imagined this incredible international conspiracy, and the Aussies arrested a doctor. Well, even they had to see through the ruse, and now they are letting the doctor go. Perhaps it is the last time they will let the Brits set them up to play the fool.

Now those 500 children you were talking about

Well, 500 children took seriously ill, and a good portion died, from, it is claimed, unsanitary conditions in a hospital in Libya. The  Bulgarian hospital staff that were working there claim to have had nothing to do with it. They got spring after 8 years in the clinker, because they were suspected of having performed AIDS experiments on the kids, 'cuz it did so happen that that's exactly the unsanitary disease the kids came down with. See, its the Bulgarians who claimed it was unsanitary conditions that contaminated the kids, but the Libyans claim the doctors were doing experiments, Now, what is the likelihood that 500 kids will come down with AIDS from unsanitary condtions in a hospital? The media wants to report the Bulgarian excuse, but there is never an analysis of the likelibood that their claims are legitimate. A Libyan court found the crew guilty twice after two trials, but they were released  to the Bulgarian government. The Bulgarians then just let them go free, over Libyan protests.