Obama refuses to sign on to "one upmanship" diplomacy of war-mongering Clinton

PETER'S NEW YORK, July 27, 2007---Barak Obama, who neither voted for the invasion, occupating and trashing of Iraq, nor voted to fund it (I hope not, anyway), said yesterday that he would hold talks with leaders of states no matter how bad they might seem.

Hillary Clinton tried to show that Obama was inept. Clinton, however, is of the warmongering school of real politik practiced at the Council on Foreign Relations, the mean-spirited nonprofit think tank that has strategized the United States into the  bully-pariah of the world.

Madeline Albright, the "Mad Bomber" of Serbia and the one who, as Secretary of State during the administration of Clinton's husband, William Clinton, refused overtures of peace by the Yugoslavian president Milosevich and ordered the bombing of its capital, Belgrade, supported Clinton's answers, which she claimed were more nuanced than Obama's.

As Barak so cleverly and accurately noted, Clinton's answer puts her right into the
Bush camp (along with Sen. Joe Biden), which is why she is so often referred to as Bush III. Clinton has repeatedly refused to apologize for voting to give George Walker Bush, the sitting US president, war powers that he used to order the invasion of Iraq, a nation that had not attacked the United States and posed it no threat.

The debate over whether or not to talk to leaders of renegade or intransigent nations was sparked by questions during a CNN-sponsored session with the Democratic presidential candidates earlier in the week. The differencesbetween Clinton and Obama simmered after the debate, and flowed into their statements days later.

More "Chatter"
The chit chat among the agencies that at least posture to protect the American people from bogus threats that they create, and, like a two-for-one punch, also provoke people to the point where real attacks on Americans are likely, has elevated the terror threat to "yellow," meaning the level of expected American cowardice in reaction to these bogus threats is perceived to them to be at its peak.  The latest is that people who carried cheese in their baggage were guilty of planting fake bombs in their luggage. You see, a cheese is a fake bomb. Ok, you're with me on this one. Good. Now let's pass some of that cheese around. I'm hungry!

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