New ID''s issued to legal "illegal" immigrants

We are to applaud the mayor and the city council of New Haven, Connecticut, for issuing ID cards for so-called "illegal" immigrants. It is actually a human right to move around where you want on this planet, and if the United States does not facilitate this movement, it is operating illegally and against the interests of humanity.

The day is coming when, like slavery, the interference with the free movement of people will be considered the crime that it is, in spite of its pseudo-legality. The very fact that walls are being built at the borders between two countries, Mexico and America, shows the horrible extent to which the anti-immigration frenzy has taken hold of American policymakers.

The US-Iran "Talk Down"
Talks between the United States and Iran began as expected, in a shouting match. That's because the United States is a dishonest player in these talks, using them as a grandstand to accuse Iran of false crimes, and attacking that nation diplomatically. The US will not give any real ground that is necessary for honest talks. This is the war-like stand of the Bush administration that has gotten us into an incredible mess around the world. But the Iraq Study Group called for such negotiations.

The Bush administration and the foreign policy establishment that supports it live in its own world of cruelty and animosity. Americans don't hate Iran, but the Bush Administration would like them to, and is doing everything in its power to generate hatred against that country.

Is Pakistan next in Bush's fantasmagora of horrors?

Still trying to stoke the coals of war, and now, trying to invade Pakistan. The US wants to put troops in Pakistan to control what it calls insurgent operations in parts of that country that it claims Pakistani President Musharaf cannot control. Pakistanis are unlikely to allow infidels to post troops in their country.

"We're WINNING!".......... NOT!
From the "chatter" on the F_cks News Report, it is evident that the newest ploy of the Bush administration pr mill is to make it look like the "troop surge" is working and "victory" is right around the corner. The story line that sorry network is reporting is that the Sunnis are telling insurgents to take a walk.This would make it look like the "troop surge" recently put into place was working. It is not. The fact is that we don't want it to work, because the United States should not succeed in the illegal occupation of Iraq. It should withdraw its troops immediately, and allow an international peacekeeping force, with strong representation from the Arab nations, to take its place. Bush doesn't get it, though, because he is still holding out hope to the oil companies that control America that they will get a piece of the action on Iraqi oil, and probably of Iranian oil too.

Bush also gave a long speech today in which he attempted to demonstrate that the mythical group called Al Qaeda has a strong presence in Iraq and is ready to attack the United States. No mention, of course, that the invasion of Iraq created a breeding ground for these mythical freedom fighters. Unfortunately, the Administration cannot be trusted to give any information to US citizens. People are just ignoring Bush's speeches as so many lies. They take nothing this man says seriously.

The Democratic candidate show on CNN
In case you missed it, CNN had a question and answer show last night for the Democratic candidates for president. It was fun entertainment.

Dennis Kucinich said the war could be stopped right away if the US Congress refuses to approve the next round of funding for the war. I was impressed with Bill Richardson, who insists that ALL troops--meaning no residuals for any reason--should leave Iraq. That's important, because the Hillary (Clinton) plan will leave enough wiggle room for the establishment and retention of military bases that are the raison d'etre of the Iraq War. It means Clinton will be a very worthy successor of GW Bush and his increasingly fascist regime if she is elected. Of course "Joe" Biden is gung -ho for the war.

Barak Obama got it right when he said the time to stop the war was before it started.

What is chatter?
"Chatter" is what is usually referred to by so-called intelligence agencies as messages intercepted between so-called terrorist groups that indicate a possible upcoming terrorist incident. On this website, "chatter" means government statements, media reports, interviews, newspaper articles, etc., indicating an upcoming staged terrorist incident produced by the United States through its covert operations and hired hands, as a way to implement renegade foreign policy initiatives that could never be effected by democratic means.

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